Thursday, September 3, 2009

50 Million Pound Challenge.

Okay, here we go again... again... and again. I've decided, okay, its time to buckle down, lose a few pounds, or a lot of pounds. Its the season in life, were I have the deep conviction to change my life style for the better, I pray from the depths of my soul that this time, the Lord would give me His strength to live it out. Its never easy for me, and I've been overweight most of my life, but I feel the need (like I have before) to change myself.. I know that the change can't come from me alone, but from God, so I am asking you, true friends, to pray along with me, maybe even on a daily basis.. that I would stick to what God has been calling me to for quite some time. That I would rely on him, that I would turn to Him, that I would know His Grace is sufficient for me when I stumble, that I would stay focused and not lose heart. I think more than anything, I need a group of people praying.. will you please pray for me?

I am going to try my hardest, to use this blogspot as a type of accountability, the place where I share with you my worse struggles, my triumphs, so that you might share specifically with me, and also that you might know just how to petition for me and with me in prayer.

My boyfriend and I, have both, continually found the desire to change together for much of this last year, and he found this website because of the referral of someone else. It is the 50 million pound challenge, and I did some reading, and research. It sounds very inspirational and informative. It equips you with monthly menu plans (which I need tremendously), a daily journal option, a food and activity tracker, and a progress chart. Not to mention tons of resources for new tips and ideas for weight loss. Feel free to check out the site if you have a free moment
So we are going to try it together!

I just wanted to say thank you to all of you who have encouraged and supported me along the way in my life... don't stop now! :)

Archie and I at the start.


The Guy and Tiny Asian said...

Quail you can do it!!!! I'm on my sixteenth week of better habbits. Things that have helped me.

1) I love eating out. Its fun and in rainy oregon its what we do when we're bored. Eat an apple in the car on the way. I arrive to the restaurant not starving and not in need of an appetizer!

2) I hated running/exercise/sweating. So I started walking. Walking led to wogging, wogging lead to jogging.

3)CALORIE COUNTING! super huge! I use a website too and it helps!

)Planing! "failure to plan is planning to fail" dinners are hard because we go out a lot but designing balanced healthy breakfast and lunch and having it ready prevents me from letting myself get starved and raid the fridge.


Anonymous said...

I'll be praying for you. Keep posting. Love you. rebecca johnson