Friday, April 25, 2008

Wow. 2 Months.

Hey All.

Wow. Two months since I last blogged.
Craaazy.  I'm taking a little break at work.
I now have a full-time teacher's aid position in Junction City. So I guess I'm a tiger.
I loooove it here.  I feel like I have known the staff for 10 years.
The students are phenomenal.. I laugh so much every day.. and that is good for the soul.
Junction City isn't that far from Corvallis, so Corvallis crew lets hang out, or Monmouth crew.. lets meet in the middle!

I just moved in to a new house.  It's technically in Springtucky (Sprinfield), not Eugene.
But it's bigger.. better.. and just all around great.  
3 Bedrooms.. 2 1/2 Bath.. big backyard. French doors to the living room.  Its beautiful.
Come visit me.. I want to have a bbq when the weather is nice! (Friday nights and Saturday's are good for me.)