Sunday, August 31, 2008

Tennessee Update!

So.. everytime I try to upload pictures a little window pops-up and says internet explorer cannot complete and then says it will restart. So I lose everything I've written in my blog and haven't gotten the chance to post pictures. Until I figure out how to fix the problem, you can look at my myspace or my facebook to see all the fun things I've been doing here in Tennessee.

Just to recap the last four days for you...

1. Visited the site of the Battle of Franklin. (civil War)
2. Visited the old city of Franklin cememtary. Which is the site of many confederate soldiers' graves.
3. Ate at Chick-A-Filet, amazing chicken nuggets. Sonic, had a cherry-limeade. Drank my first real sweet tea. Ate Fried Catfish, and Okra.
4. Started work, all my little kids say, "Yes ma'am," to everything!
5. Went to the Grand 'Ole Opry hotel and saw where some of the great like Johnny Cash sang.
6. Hit downtown Nashville where I was touched by kid rock as he was passing me in a historic bar called, "Tootsies," and danced on the bar at Coyote Ugly. Not too mention I saw some of the best live music, in every bar that I visited.

I guess i didn't see everything I need to see in downtown Nashville and we are already planning another trip down there.. more to come. So check out my myspace or facebook! :D

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Here I am.. I'm in Franklin

I am writing to you from Franklin, TN. A little suburb of Nashville.. the place I am calling home. I have a lot to learn and see around here. There is lots of rich history here. Apparently Franklin, was the site of a civil war battle and there is even a civil war cemetery here which I plan to go see.

But for tonight I settled for some sweet tea, southerned fried catfish, and sweet potato fries!

More to come guys!

I'm already a better blogger.. and I haven't even boarded my plane yet...

Hey Everyone..

I feel so cool. Its 5:25am, I'm sitting at the PDX waiting for my plane to Atlanta, GA to board.. then a short shuttle flight to Nashville, TN... writing you from my very own laptop. My mom gave me a new Compaq Presario last weekend.. and its pretty sweet. The next thing on my agenda is to buy a digital camera.. so I will be doing that when I touch down in TN.. then my little blogger buddies I should be dang good at blogging! I should be able to give you all.. or should I say ya'all.. a taste of the south.

I'm sorry to all of my lovely oregon friends I didn't see before I left. I love you and you will be missed!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I need to be a better blogger.. maybe I will be in Tennessee.

Sorry I haven't written in so long.

I'm bad at it.

No car yet.. I'm getting awesome at taking the bus.
Transfering.. talking to people while in route. Thanking the bus driver.
I even have my own monthly pass.
Sometimes I get coffee.. or eat my lunch down town in between shifts.
I'm such a Eugenian now... and so green friendly.

I might move to Tennessee though. I've applied for jobs, and I don't need a car there. I'll keep you posted... and if I move there.. i promise to be a better blogger.