Friday, December 21, 2007

The Number Thing is Cool....

Hey, so I wanted to do what all my cool blogger friends who are too busy to blog do..
..write a numbered list of updates, cuz, well, its cool!

1. I got a new job! I love it, I am a substitue teacher's aid for special education in the Springfield School District. So far, i have worked at 3 elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school! I love it.. I am combining my two passions in life (people with disabilities and kids, its a great fit!)

2. I still love coaching. We are 4-1 in league now. (We lost to the infamous Lowell Red Devils, but we'll bounce back and get 'em the second time around) Last night we beat McKenzie's long standing rival, the Mohawk Indians, and it felt good! The Eagle alumni in me was especially happy.

3. Last night we had a basketball girls Christmas party. It was so much fun. I made enchiladas for my hispanic player Teresa, because she didn't really believe me that I am ethnically diverse and a quarter mexican. I think she believed me after she ate 'em. We also did a gift exchange and played games. I got the game LIFE in the gift exchange so we busted that out. I came in second place, retiring with 335,000, 3 kids (a set of twins, and a baby boy), I was a vetrinarian. The new edition of life is crazy, you can go back to school later in life, and they even have "lawsuit" spaces, where you can take someone to court for $100,000. Sure sounds like 2007 huh?

4. Christmas is in 4 days.. I'll be spending it with my family in Blue River, not in Belgium, but the trip is being postponed.

5. I have lost close to 15lbs.. yay. :D

6. My brother and I have started looking for places to live in Springfield, we may be roomies soon, I think that will be lots of fun!

That's my top six most important things to report.. I'll have more for you soon!
Hey Everyone...

...just wanted to take a minute to wish you all a very, Merry Christmas!

I pray that you all experience the peace, love and joy of the holiday season!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Quick McKenzie Basketball Update.

Hey Ya'll.

We are 2-0 in league. We beat two teams above us in league! (So technically we could be like second in league) Tonight we are playing the power house of our league!

Hoping and praying to beat the Lowell Red Devils tonight.. this is what "Rev Run DMC" had waiting for me in my inbox, so I am feeling pretty optomistic!

"Good morning. The will to conquer is the first condition of victory. I rate enthusiasm even above professional skill... - Sir Edward Appleton (Get going!)"

God is LoveRev Run