Friday, February 15, 2008

On Mckenzie On Mckenzie Best School in the West!

Hey Friends.
First of all.. I must say that I'm sorry I have been a horrible blogger. Life is busy what can I say? I am loving life right now though, its great! I'm LOVING my new job, i've been subbing at a specific school for the last several weeks. Yesterday they told me that a full-time position is opening soon because a girl is going on maternity leave... and they are considering me for the position! Saweeet. I've already gotten used to the kids there and started to build relationships, so it would be awesome to get to stay, plus I'd have a consistent schedule each week.. and the consistency of working with the same kids!! Basketball is going good. We're in league playoffs right now.. we lost to CROW High School last night, so we have to play Saturday at 2:30pm for 3rd in our league.. then we will advance to the state playoffs and travel a LONG ways away for our first round. If you are not up to anything Saturday afternoon, swing by and see us at Junction City High School.. where we will be playing the Alsea Wolverines, (sorry Rubes, we gotta beat 'em!).

I'm posting a really cute pic of me and one of my seniors, Katy. She's one of my favorites!

miss you guys.