Saturday, September 27, 2008

They learn so young...

So, I have this little boy in my class, and it is so funny. Every time he knows he is about to get in trouble, he says, "you look pretty." I laughed, because he has had it conditioned at a very young age how to get himself out of trouble with the ladies, pay them a compliment. I thought of all the guys I've dated, in their 20s even, that have tried to dig themselves out of an argument, or the dog house by saying... "You look pretty." Here's to the men.

Happy Birthday Little Buddy!

This one goes out to my new favorite people in Tennessee....

I have to admit.. moving all the way out here was a little scary. I was a little nervous coming 3,000 miles away with next to no social circle. I am starting to settle in though, expanding my circle, doing a little dating, and meeting some truly amazing people since I have been here. This blog is in honor of my new "girlfriends" in Nashville. Susan and Ashley have become so dear to my heart. I love them. They remind me of friends I had while in college, and I think because of that I feel like I've known them forever! :D

Me and Susan.. last night at "the Rado," aka, Silverado's.

Susan rockin' the Reba t-shirt. So appropriate for last night.

the three amigas.

An older picture... from my first week here, but Ashley wasn't with us last night and had to make sure she was included!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

I love little kids.

I love little kids. A little girl in my class drew this picture, so adorable. The same day she asked me, "Miss Egan, how come I don't see you at church?" I told her that I go to church but maybe I don't go to the same one. She is so precious.

Since I have been here, part of being a good friend is supporting Maria in all of her music ambitions. I don't really mind doing it because I love music and enjoy myself whatever the circumstances. I have the best time for one of two reasons, either the music is so bad, and you think "your mama lied to you," or it is phenomenal! A lot of the time there are very talented musicians, so it is good. This last Thursday we went to a song-writers competition at a local restaurant. (That is the other cool thing.. in Nashville there is live music everywhere, in the most unexpected places.) Maria and her co-writer got second place and will go back to the semi-finals next month. If they win, they get all kinds of things like money and studio time.. its very cool. Anyways.. here are some pics from that night...

oh, and you can listen to the song, "Who I Am" on Maria's myspace page..
don't mind the steel guitar, we are gonna convince Donny to take it out!

Maria on stage.

Us at dinner.

This little boy is gonna be a star, he told everyone to "quiet down, because his song was awesome."

Maria and her co-writer, Donny Sawyer.

Karaoke and Oregon in Tennessee?

These are our new friends in Tennessee.. and they are so fun to go to Karaoke with!

While walking downtown Nashville we saw a truck from Oregon.. we freaked!

My heart will always be in Oregon.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Mrs. Olson's Class.. my new classroom!

These are my new kiddos. They are so adorable. I'm having so much fun! I freaking love them. Everything is "yes ma'am."

Downtown.. and the grand 'ole opry.

Downtown.. and the grand 'ole opry.

1. Cousins.
2. My new friends in Nashville.. they are crazy.
3. Girls night out to Coyote Ugly.. and other bars in Nashville, like the historic "Tootsies." (Where Kid Rock touched my shoulder)
4. I danced on the bar at the Coyote Ugly.. its a tradition.
5. This strapping Marine gave me a boost up on to the bar and almost threw me over!

A few things in Tennessee..

Best Chicken Ever.
Maria and my cousin performing.
Giant Rocking Chair.
Pumping my own gas.